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White gesso
  • White gesso
  • Demco
  • A versatile, quick-drying primer that enables surfaces to be receptive to a variety of media. It is ready to use but can also be thinned with water. Can be painted as soon as it's dry and is UV resistant. Flexible and non-yellowing. Blend the Gesso with acrylic paints to cre...
White economic gesso
  • White economic gesso
  • Demco
  • Economical gesso allowing the preparation of many surfaces. Ready to use, use it directly on canvas, paper, fabric, wood etc. Once dry, it remains semi flexible and will not yellow in the light. For a more grainy texture, use two coats. The treated surface will accommodate oil paint, acrylic, gouache...
Black gesso 8oz
  • CAD $11.50
  • Qty avail.: 4
Golden gesso 8oz
  • CAD $17.45
  • Qty avail.: 3
Studio Gesso white
  • Studio Gesso white
  • Pébéo
  • The viscosity and titanium white concentration of this white matt coating makes it particularly covering.
Gesso 500ml black
  • Gesso 500ml black
  • Pébéo
  • An Intense black matt coating, particularly suitable for the application of the DYNA, Studio Acrylics and Artist Acrylics colours, as well as Bindex DYNA mediums.
  • CAD $16.30
  • Qty avail.: 10+